We review more than 1000 games each year from all over the world. We’ve been the first to show new trends, predict the success of newly launched games and talented indies, and discovered new technologies of exceptional quality in art and design.

5 reasons to submit your game

It is free.
You won’t pay a cent to submit your game to the IMGA International and IMGA Asia.


It is open.
For every country and every platform. We want to represent the incredible diversity and creativity of the gaming industry. That is why everyone is invited to submit a game: students, artists, leading publishers, Indies as well as big and small studios from all continents!


It is fast.
The submission is a 3-click process. You can simply paste your game link (or game name if unpublished). Only if you want, you will be able to add more information and illustrations after the email confirmation.


It is free promotion.
Our jury plays and looks carefully at every game submitted during the judging sessions. That is a chance for you to show your art to influent journalists, publishers and industry experts.


It is fun.
Join the IMGA community and be part of the games story!

Why should I participate and what do I get when I win?


If you think your game is special and deserves to be considered for a prize, or if you think your game is the best game ever, you should enter your game, by simply going here. We want to invite all developers, studios and publishers to submit their game to our competition.


Your game should be unpublished or published on or after 1 January 2015. Games that came out before that date are not eligible.


Being nominated for an IMGA is meaningful. Angry Birds was nominated before anybody heard about it. Clash of Clans and Candy Crush were nominated. Nominations and Awards contribute to the recognition of your studio or publishing company. An Award is a valuable asset, which improves the discoverability of your game in the masses of other games out there.

The IMGA is the largest and longest standing awards in the business.