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Heroes Above: Sky Clash

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1st IMGA

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    About Heroes Above: Sky Clash

    Heroes Above is a free-to-play asynchronous mobile PVP game for mobile devices, currently only for iOS devices. Players collect and train heroes to create the perfect squad for combat on flying ships. Using a battle system that incorporates elements of tower-defense, real-time strategy and resource management, players strategize which heroes to recruit and when to deploy them to destroy the enemy’s crystal while protecting their own. Select heroes to create your ideal team and do battle with other captains as your ships clash in the high skies! Develop the ultimate battle strategy, dominate the skies and make a name for yourself among the heroes above! Recent Achievements: 2016 Casual Connect Asia Indie Prize - One of the Top 100 Games invited 2016 Global Top Round - 11th Place 2016 Tokyo Game Show - One of six teams to represent the Philippines
    "In a game, I really love PVP and having to strategize against a mind of another player. Heroes Above does just that." - EITMAN One of the Top 100 Games in 2016 Casual Connect Asia Indie Prize

    As Captain of your very own Sky Ship, scout and train your crew of Heroes to defend your home! Summon raging barbarians, explosive fire mages, even dead-eye gunners - over hundreds of unique play styles to choose from! ATTACK ONLINE, DEFEND OFFLINE! Never worry about getting disconnected during a match! Players setup their defensive Heroes before going to battle! BUILD A UNIQUE CREW: Scout, Train and Evolve your Heroes to gain the upper hand against your opponent! Use Ship Skills to turn the tide of battle! WATCH, LEARN AND REVENGE! Watch replays of your defense and launch a counterattack on your opponents! CONQUER THE SKIES: Gain Prestige and rise to the top of the Leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be among the Heroes Above?

    What makes my game unique?

    We call it Asynchronous Tactical Battle System. In other games, battle is between units and buildings. In Heroes Above, it is a simulated real-time battle of units. This is done asynchronously by allowing the defensive player to prepare his defense ahead of time. When that player is offline, he can be attacked by any online player.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We are sure each game in the competition was built by passionate developers who are all capable of winning. We believe we have a chance of winning with the unique aspect of our battle system - allowing the player to set-up his defense ahead of time which creates an asynchronous troop vs troop, PVP gameplay.