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About VALZ

VALZ is a game that revolves around music with a beautiful hand-drawn motion comic story-telling. The game boasts RPG elements such as deep story and party customisation, and a unique rhythm-based mechanics in combat system.

What's the story? Imagine you are a member of a cool rock band, and you can use that music of yours to produce the power to battle violent monsters wreaking havoc in your hometown. You protect your beloved by performing as a band, how’d you feel about that? Ain't it cool?

What makes my game unique?

Ever feel of getting bored with the standard rhythm game that boast pretty visual but barely important characters? Ever feel of getting jaded in the usual aim for perfect kind of rhythm game? Ever feel of getting 'meh moment' when a rhythm game use a disjointed story just for the sake of 'follow the story of our hero doing this in that'? If you are looking for something fresh, a new kind of challenge, connection to the characters, be the hero of your own story, yet at the same time familiar? Then you are in for VALZ.

Why could my game win an award?

A brand new yet familiar game that will spark your emotion once again. A full-sized RPG that is fine-tuned to mobile consumption but with massive content and experience.