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Utopia United: A Dice Soccer Story

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2nd IMGA

LambdaMu Games
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    About Utopia United: A Dice Soccer Story

    Pick a Squad, Roll the Dice, Score!!

    From the makers of Pixel People, comes a charming game of strategy, luck and soccer balls! Become the manager of a small-town football club in Utopia Universe and create a team of superstars!

    The Stadium is in shambles and The League is right around the corner! Can you rebuild your world and your team in time, and restore it to its former glory?

    Build a town, recruit your residents, discover each of their special abilities, and figure out your tactics on the field, as you engage in deep and addictive gameplay to rise to the top of the leagues!

    Legend has it that sport is just a narrative built around random statistical events... Come uncover the truth with Utopia United: A Dice Soccer Story – a town building, deck building, tactical team management game!

    Key Features:

    Build a quaint little town on the fringes of Utopia and manage its resources to support the local football club!

    Collect over 60 uniquely crafted characters, like the local Butcher, friendly baker, neighbourhood Postman, and discover each of their special abilities to be used on the field!

    Perfect your lineup and create stunning combos on the field, using elegant dice-rolling mechanics that are easy to learn and hard to master!

    Manage your luck by customising your players