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Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga

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3rd IMGA

Stewart Mitchell
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    About Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga

    In this action-packed AR platformer puzzle game, your objective is to help Unstoppable Rex collect, feed and lead his babies to the portals, keeping them away from scary traps and his terrifying nemesis, Kuku The Destroyer.

    Maneuver difficult terrain and increasingly complex mazes, release Rex's babies from cages and work out how to get them to safety; they're very cute, but not very good at jumping.

    Once you've mastered the rescue mission, get creative with augmented reality and build your own levels with the customizable AR editor tool; share your creation and play with friends.
    * Unstoppable Rex will stop at nothing to rescue his babies. Help him lead them to safety through 80 levels filled with dangerous traps, scary enemies and mysterious futuristic technology.

    * Climb up through the floating isles to unlock their secrets and side-step their pitfalls. Take on the terrain: trudge through the mud and outsmart your formidable enemy, Kuku the Destroyer. Use the catapults to jump over obstacles and the levers to open up prisons, move blocks to reach hidden areas and make it to the escape portal.

    * Play against your pals to see who can save the most mini rexes and collect the most tasty pork chops; race against the clock in each level to secure the top spot on the ARK Saga high score board.
    Pro tip: collecting all the treats and rescuing your babies in time will earn you 3 stars and a free reward.

    *Play as Unstoppable Rex or his friends: Rex Pistols the super punk, Thug-o-saurus the rapper, or cute little Jeanie, who has to save her puppy, Hoppie.

    * Use the AR Level Editor to build your very own epic level in cubic pixel art and share it with your friends to play together.
    * Thanks to the power of AR, you can go on a rescue adventure anywhere: in your living room, in the office, at the train station or even in the club.

    ** HOW TO PLAY **
    * Scan your playing area to generate the level.
    * Hold the bottom left part of the screen to control Rex.
    * Move around the island to get a better view and access the right angle.
    * Tap the JUMP button to make Rex jump.

    What makes my game unique?

    Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga is unique for a number of reasons:
    -It's the sequel to Unstoppable Rex, and in this game, we get to see Rex's sensitive, paternal side.
    -It leverages AR technology so that you can not only cast Rex's floating planet wherever you are, but you can move around the playspace and access every angle of it, which means no more clunky controls. It also means, if you mess up, Rex plummets off the side and onto the floor of your office/bedroom/living room, or wherever you're playing.
    -Finally, the level editor adds a layer of interactivity and creativity. Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga encourages players to contribute to the game, to create their own AR world and let Rex loose inside it.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We hope that Unstoppable Rex: AR Saga will win the award, because Rex is not a very graceful loser and we are scared that he will come and stomp all over the awards party and ruin everyone's night. It's better for everyone if you just give it to him. Trust us.