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Tiles of Waktu (ToW)

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RedRain Game Studio
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    About Tiles of Waktu (ToW)


    ======GAME ACHIEVEMENT======
    >> Selected in GamePrime 2017
    >> Won a Citizen Choice Award in GamePrime2017

    ====== TILES OF WAKTU======
    Tiles of waktu is a Puzzle game with RPG twists, by matching the tiles and attacking the monsters ! 

    ====== FEATURES======
    >> An intense puzzle game with unique hand drawn art style !
    >> 5 Differents Character to collect with different play style and skills.
    >> Costumized Theme for every Character, every character will have their own beautiful Background !
    >> Upgrade your character with the token and Receh you earn in Dungeons, get your status Higher !
    >> 4 Different Chests that will help you with the adventures.
    >> Up To 60 Different Unique patterns thorough the game that will changed based on the game Cycle.
    >> Up To 13 Achievements to be achieved !
    >> Work Together in Boss Raid and get the reward.
    >> Explore all the 60 Levels with 6 different Bosses.
    >> Race with all the players in the world and track your progress in the Leaderboard.

    ====== Game Mechanics======
    >> Match tiles according to the 4 tiles in the center to attack the monster.
    >> Attack monsters as fast as you can before they attacks you ! 
    >> Use the power ups that occasionally appear in the dungeon.
    >> Get the chest and earn items that will helps you in your Upgrade. 
    >> Fill up the skill bar and use them ! Learn all the others skill and master each character.
    >> Survive the dungeon as long as you can !.

    ====== STORY ======
    A Time Dungeon called Waktu, been forced open by a Beast silhouette. Time Dungeons were sealed by the Ancient Sages in order to prevent the wrong hands exploit its power. Luccy Chrone and Lois Chrone, the Childrens of Aevus Chrone (The Time Sage) control times and use their power once a great a great danger coming to Waktu.

    Lena Endevius, member of Oracle Witches looking for her Oracle Crystal that been stolen, she came to the Waktu, as the thief left the message whenever Lena wants to take the Crystal back. Reif Coedwig and Reese Cildrodd, the villain that wants to control and open the Waktu, in order to fullfil Reese's Ambition, by going to the past, clearing Cildrodd family's name and take back his murdered Caregiver. 

    Lois, Luccy and Lena realise that Reese shouldn’t ever have a chance to resolve the puzzle and open the Time Dungeon. They knows that Eseer will do a revenge to who kills his caregivers and prevent the killing which against the Nature’s Law. Lois, Luccy and Lena will against Reese/Eseer and Reif and The battle of the Waktu starts here.

    Be the Hero of the Time Dungeon of Waktu in Tiles Of Waktu !

    What makes my game unique?

    Our game is a Puzzle Matching Tiles game that easy to play, simple mechanics with RPG twists in it. Tiles Of Waktu is a game that easy to learn by everyone yet challenging everyone who playing the game. With leaderboard Features, players can compete to each other and motivate themselves to get to a higher score. The game also provide 5 Different Characters that player can use with Unique abilities. Boss raid also waiting to be beaten by the players around the world, every player can beat the Raid Boss together and whose done the most damage will be rewarded with in game items. Everyone who loves Puzzle RPG , challenges, reflex games, compete and cooperating to beat the Raid Boss should try Tiles Of Waktu !

    Why could my game win an award?

    Tiles Of Waktu has been choosen for Citizen Choice in GamePrime2017, means that people interested to play this game. The game also have an unique mechanic and beautiful hand drawn graphics and challenging dungeon to be explored. We also have upcoming updates including : >Pet System >More Character >More Dungeon >More Monsters >Mode >Combo Mechanic >And More....