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The World 3:Rise of Demon – Classic Action RPG Adventure

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Jason Wang
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    About The World 3:Rise of Demon – Classic Action RPG Adventure

    “To me, The World series is a fairground full of my imaginary and love for games. I want to put my favorite elements into the game from different phases of my life, and share it with all players who love The World series.” -- Raistlin, producer of The World series There is no absolute vice in world Yet hell is other people Although no one is born devil Innocent people might fall What kind of experience turns a human into demon? The mystic truth awaits you to unveil... The World 3, a refreshing MMOPRG monster hunting game! Cutting-edge Action Gameplay and Stunning Graphic! Developed by studio of The World II and The World OL. FEATURES -Epic Bosses coming back and stronger! Beat them and find out the truth of the world! -Good Games × OXON studio, presenting you with cutting-edge gameplay and stunning graphic! -Blasting impact from real-time combat, distinguishing every move from normal attacks to a heavy strike! -Innovative Combo Breaking System, break the combo of Bosses and create a big chance to attack! Download The World 3 to have a taste of the best action game of the year! If you need more updates or information about The World 3, please connect with us! Facebook: Game Page: Customer Service: