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Tank Army – Fast Fingers Shmup

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    About Tank Army – Fast Fingers Shmup

    I have been a big fan of Shoot ‘em up games since I was young. This kind of game hasn’t changed much on mobile platforms these days. It seems as though developers just port their games to work with touch controls, which is why I tried to reinvent a Shoot ‘em up game from the ground up. After spending a couple of years developing via trial and error, now I can finally introduce you to a new kind of Shoot ‘em up!
    Tank Army – Fast Fingers Shmup is a fast-paced action-packed shoot ’em up game. Assembling a line of tanks, the game is played by tapping on a tank in order to fire at the enemy as you move around the terrain. You can use various bonuses in the form of air strikes and other useful support units and items. Enjoy the exciting one minute stages that you can pick up and play everywhere.

    What makes my game unique?

    This game introduces a new way to play shoot ‘em up games on mobile. The controls are simple and easy to get into, and the gameplay is challenging. You will be faced with a new experience in every level you play, and the boss battles in this game will surprise you again and again.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Actually, I don’t expect that high performance. I just need to introduce a little game that fresh and fun. By the way, if it has a chance to win the award, it will be a good sign for the indie developers that try to make something new and good enough to make people fun with it.