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Star Diffusion

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3rd IMGA

Celad INC.
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About Star Diffusion

《星際擴散》會是一款鳥瞰視角的科幻恐怖遊戲。在主角雷納德一次返回XENO行星的任務中,欲請求入埠的雷納德,卻不知為何完全得不到太空船埠的任何回應。雷納德登陸後進行探查,發現太空船埠不僅一片漆黑,還發現大量的人員陣亡……。同一時間,雷納德登陸用的太空船竟遭到不明生物的攻擊。太空船損毀,環境異變,雷納德最擔心的是他心愛的女兒米拉,而米拉還留在這已經不正常的行星某處。雷納德必須想辦法找到米拉,搜集好材料修復太空船,並帶著米拉離開這個不安全的地方…… “Star Diffusion” is a science fiction mobile game. In a mission back to “Planet XENO” , Leonard could not get any reply from tower when he asked for docking. After docking, he found that the port not only came into total darkness, but also full of corpses……
At the same time, Leonard’s spaceship was attacked by unknown creatures. The ship was destroyed, the situation was critical, and the most worrying is Leonard’s beloved daughter Mira, who was still in somewhere of the planet. Leonard had to find Mira, got enough material, and bring her away from this dangerous place.

What makes my game unique?

It's a rare top down view shooting game with horror element. We also cooperation with famous record producer: Weifan Chan in Taiwan, trying to make a thrilling game experience.

Why could my game win an award?

CELAD Inc. has been focused on game develop since 2012. "Bring joy to players by creativity, bring happiness by life" is our duty. We have developed well reputed games like Sakura Scroll and Children of Doomsday. Since 2016, we also devote ourselves in game operating and marketing. We are the few company in Taiwan that is able to do game development and operating. We expect to introduce games made in Taiwan to the world. We will grow up, yet inspect ourselves continuously to create good games that enjoy great popularity.