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Snake Tower : Lance-alot’s Quest

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1st IMGA

Adrian Putranto
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About Snake Tower : Lance-alot’s Quest

Snake Tower is a game where players compete to finish the tower and have a chance to get the ultimate treasure.

You are Lance-alot, you will battle through monsters, items, cards, and your dice will help you get the treasure on top of the towers, easy enough right?

A Rogue, a Dwarf and an Elf joins and compete you to get to the top of the tower.

Your fate is relies on the dice, that you roll and keep, choose each dice if you want to move, each player can keep 2 dice (or more if you buy a slot) some dice can make you go backwards, don't like one of your dice? Re-roll and change it (with a price).

Along the way you will get a sack of magic cards, these cards can help you or it will backfired depending on your luck.

Fight monsters and others with a roll of the dice, the higher the score the chance you will win. May luck be on your side.

Based upon the board game Snake and Ladder, this game feature the same rules with the twist changing the ladder with a warp portal, plan your dice if you want to win.

Thanks and enjoy the game.

What makes my game unique?

Snake and ladder was my first board game, simply make my childhood happy at that time. Fast forward now we made that game fun again with the visuals, adding gameplay, with epic visuals. Instead of just roll the dice, you can choose a dice to move, adding monsters and other NPC to join the race to the top it was unique! We gather our team and make it real. Finding roads that splits into half we literally patch it up again and gone the distance to make the game finish and fun as possible.

Why could my game win an award?

This game will put a smile in any face who plays it. If you play it you will find yourself in a spot to choose your move decisively all in a roll of your dice. This game is made by talented artists behind it and the game plays well without reading tutorial. This game has a unique gameplay and everybody knows the basic of the game.