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Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise

1st IMGA

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VNG Games Studio
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    About Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise

    SKY GARDEN: FARM in PARADISE is an addicting casual farming game, the best farm game for mobile phones and tabletsJoin the world of fairy tales with amazing characters where you will become a fantasy gardener above the cloud. Raise a garden of flowers, harvest seed of plants, grow amazing plants in unique pots, explore the world of paradise Skyland
    Are you ready for a new adventure? Let's go now and don't forget to share your wonderful garden with friends to have more fun!
    🌻 STORY
    Hey, let me tell you a story! Red and Jack were close friends, sharing the same passion for flowers. One day, the Wolf of the neighborhood tried to steal their flowers at night and... got caught. The Wolf offered some magic beans and magic potions for liberation. Followed his instruction, the couple grew a giant beanstalk into the Skyland and so began the story of gardeners above the Sky Garden, Farm in Paradise
    - POTS COLLECTION: Pots are beautiful yet powerful, collectible and upgradable! Can be traded with other neighbors in their happy township market
    - PLANTS We have flower's family (Sunflower, Rose, Lavender, Daisy, Lotus, Tom's Lily), fruit family (Apple, Lemon, Watermelon, Ship, Grape, Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana, Orange, Apricot, Potato, Kiwis, Cranberry, Pineapple, Coconut and many tropical plants..) and special family (Snowflake, Hay, Gold, Cotton, Baby's Breath, Ginger, Tea, Bubble) on the SkyLand
    - PRODUCT & MISSIONS: Use your Bug Machines to make juices, fabrics, gemstones then deliver them across always-hungry towns village with the help of minion Owl birds and even The King's Royal Wagon
    - TRADE & ORDERS: Exchange flowering plants, juices, fabric, etc with friends through your in-house shop, farmers market for a big fortune
    - SOCIAL: Fix your worldwide friends machines, filling special delivery for Royal, Air Ship and looking for ladybugs, fireflies everywhere on neighbors farm to upgrade your Pots
    - MINING: Using besoms to collect magical Hay Virals for the Mole, he will help you find lost treasures. The Mole can dash through deep tunnels with dynamites to find exotic treasures
    - GUILD: Invite and play together with people around the world. Donating, Sharing, Chat gossip or even Holding a harvest festival in your hay's village on the SkyLand
    - FISHING TARGET so many fish waiting for you under snow lake
    Contact us inside the game by going to MENU > SUPPORT
    🌷 The game requires access to the following Permissions
    - WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to save and load in-game user's data
    PLEASE NOTE! the game is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money
    💖LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian , Indonesian
    💖VNG Game Studio is the studio behind the success of the Editor Choice's zombie shooter game : DEAD TARGET: Zombie;DEAD TARGET
    ♥Place pots in combo on the same cloud level to get a bonus when harvesting. More information of pots stored in the Library
    ♥Catch and gather clan of ladybugs in your Sky Garden,Farm in Paradise village and neighbors to upgrade Pots and Bug Machines
    ♥Do not miss Daily Lucky Draw for random gifts every day. Use Finn, Tom wisely
    ♥ Collect Building Materials from Daily Features for upgrading Constructions: magical Silo, magical Barn, mini hay Warehouse on the SkyLand
    ♥ Go to neighbor's township and repair neighbor's machines for hearts
    ♥ Collect unique Decors (scarecrow, chimes, charm, tom's cat, hay-fever minion) and mount them under the clouds to get more Garden's Value points
    ♥ Be a gardener villager, a real farmer, a businessman by using your gold wisely, gather your minion friends to township guilds to grow fast together
    ♥ Fishing Target - Best Fishing
    ♥ Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise is always updating new features, return every day for new experiences

    What makes my game unique?

    Above all farming simulator casual mobile games in the market, Sky Garden is known by the unique gameplay where players can become a fantasy gardener above the cloud. Everything happens on the cloud from gardening, harvesting, producing, trading and exploring the world of paradise Skyland. On top of that, the game reveals its different, creative and unique art style which based on human imagination. Never seen before has a modern Western fantasy art style similar to Sky Garden game. We delightedly and proudly bring to the game any design forms from normal to abnormal (Mermaid, Horoscope, Bats), seasonal to ordinary (Halloween, Christmas, Cocktail), simple to sophisticated (Mickey Mouse, Dory). The game combines fun, simple features with easy gameplay and friendly social interactives. Sky Garden is a game that has worldwide appeal for people of all ages. We believe this uniqueness can offer the inspirational and enjoyable entertaining moments to players around the world.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We believe global gamers know what they want and vote for the best. Only when a game is differentiate and uinque from the others, then people choice’s voting will count.