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Sky Champ: Monster Shooter (Retro Arcade Shooter)

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3rd IMGA

Minh-Quan Ngo
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    About Sky Champ: Monster Shooter (Retro Arcade Shooter)

    If you are a true fan of classic arcade shooting games, you need to play Sky Champ - one of the best combinations of Arcade Shoot 'Em Up & Monster Collecting Games.
    Despite being a pick-up-and-play mobile game, Sky Champ has the most depth in the top-down shoot 'em up genre thanks to the RPG-style Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors system. Sky monsters are divided into 3 elemental types: Fire - Water - Wood and can have elemental advantage against each other. Moreover, each monter has a unique attack move and will gain new elemental abilities when evolved. With these monster attack and skill systems, shooter-holic players can form countless monster squad combinations. This is a superb feature for shooter holic players who also love monster catching and monster collecting games.

    ⭐ FEATURES ⭐
    ★ Unique retro arcade shmup brings back nostalgia of top-down arcade shooters and Japanese bullet hell shooters from your childhood.
    ★ Adventure Mode with 100 Levels will unfold the story of the Monster Strikers Force against the Phoenix Raiders
    ★ Procedurally generated Arcade Shmup Mode. Each flight is distinct
    ★ Lightning fast shooty experience with Dynamic Difficulty Balancing
    ★ Many top-down shooting game modes to challenge your skills of shooting monsters, dodging bullet waves and fighting bosses.
    ★ Collecting 100+ formidable flying monster pets and Sky Beasts with distinct attacks and crowd control skills. Use them tactically against the enemy monster invaders to gain advantage. Are you a monster-holic?
    ★ Monster evolution: like in best monster catching and collecting games, transform your monsters, unlock new abilities and exceed level caps!
    ★ Distinct Power-Ups including thunder strike missiles, falcon ice blasts, phoenix revive, lightning bombs, thunder blazes
    ★ Catching and Collecting legendary sky monster pets
    ★ 100+ equipment e.g. radiant falcon swords, thunder phoenix ring, elemental wing sabre, barrage shield will exceed your monsters' limits.
    ★ Hundreds of fierce enemy creatures and sky monster bosses with distinct elemental wings. Learn the invaders' strike patterns to take them down!
    ★ Online multi-player Sky League: test your monster squads against other monster trainers'.
    ★ Hatching monster eggs
    ★ Pick-up-and-play with simple one-handed controls and configurable sensitivity. Dodging bullet waves and shooting alien monsters have never felt so fun!