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Royal Garden Tales – Match 3 Castle Decoration

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Touchten Games
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    About Royal Garden Tales – Match 3 Castle Decoration

    This is a story about Amelia, a girl who could not imagine how her life would turn over. She didn't know that she actually a descendant of royal blood and her inheritance passes a touch of something magical. She also inherited a royal castle located in a secret island, far-away. Little did she know, that right now the castle is in ruins. Are you ready to help Amelia solve all the puzzles, restore the garden, and bring back the glory of her royal family?


    • PLAY fun and satisfying match-3 levels to earn as many Coins as you can. Swap and match Critters to crush them quickly and get the Fairy Dust you need to keep building and renovating your royal garden!
    • RESTORE and rebuild the scenery of your royal garden completely. Planting various garden decorations throughout the green and lush scenery that will play host to the best vacations of your guests' lives!
    • DISCOVER the secrets of your royal family and dive deep into the history lives to understand what founded the castle. Unlock the star-studded chapters of a gripping tale. Meet diverse and unique characters, and unravel shocking, emotional truths!

    What makes my game unique?

    We carry a lively concept to Royal Garden Tales as we want to make the game to be more alive, and that we can build up players’ emotions throughout the game. By the reason of that, building up strong characters is an important aspect to successfully interact with players.

    It came up to an idea to make a story about a royal kingdom that has been abandoned for so many years and that no royal blood lived there anymore, which make the castle to be deserted for a long time until one day a heir came to the kingdom and restore the Royal Garden in the castle. Because Royal Garden Tales is way far from reality, we love to play around in fictions to make story that can broaden people’s imagination and interaction when they are playing the game. We also surround the story with magic and fairy tales.

    Talking about fiction, not only that Royal Garden Tales are surrounded by fairies and magic, players can also find a super fictional magical creatures in the match-3 part that is called as “Critters.” So, instead of using an inanimate objects, we want to make everything to carry its own life. In fact, there are also fairies to raise up the magical theme that we are carrying in the game.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Royal Garden Tales is a family friendly game that can be enjoy by anyone in any age. We love to create games that are accepted by a lot of people. As the matter of fact, we feel that players’ feedback and ideas are important for the game’s growth. In other words, our players take an important role for the development of the game. We love to keep in a good touch with our players through social media, and we have also conducted several interviews with our players to listen to their aspirations, which take us to where we are right now.