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Rescue Quest Gold

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2nd IMGA

Boomzap Entertainment
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About Rescue Quest Gold

Rescue Quest Gold is a path-based scrolling match-3 game based on our own successful Jewels of Cleopatra franchise, in a completely different theme: a magical fantasy adventure game featuring two apprentice magicians as they make their way to a wizarding school and discover that fairy creatures called Spritelings have been kidnapped and trapped by an evil sorcerer. The twin apprentices are named Boom and Zap, after the studio's name, and as you progress through the game and enter a new region, there are cutscenes following your quest to rescue the Spirtelings and slowly discovering who is behind all of this. There are 220 levels in total across uniquely themed regions: Greenleaf Forest, Wayward Falls, Turnspell Academy, Deepgloom Grave, Winterhell, Crystal Chasm, Ruins of Kadabra, Firebrand Pass, and Silent Sands. Each region has distinct enemy creatures and introduces a new kind of obstacle such as blockers, ooze, ice, spider webs, and more. Players learn spells as they reach higher levels, which they can use to defeat enemies, clear tiles, or move faster across the board. You can also create power-ups by matching more than 3 tokens, or as a reward from completing each level.
Rescue Quest Gold is a remastered version of the path-based match-3 game by Boomzap with an all-new ending, improved effects, and no free-to-play elements. Play through 200+ levels as you follow the road to Turnspell Academy and study to become a full-pledged wizard! However, magic is slowly fading as the Spritelings steadily disappear. It’s up to the twin magicians Boom and Zap to rescue the Spritelings and save the world from an evil sorcerer. Match three or more tokens and clear a path while fulfilling level objectives: defeat enemies, overcome obstacles, collect keys, or race your way to victory!

What makes my game unique?

Rescue Quest Gold combines classic match-3 elements with strategy as you create a path for your avatar by matching the right tokens in order to reach the cage, and complete other level objectives such as finding keys, defeating enemies, or racing across the map. It has an adventure storyline set in various regions with unique terrain obstacles and various enemy types roaming across the board. Aside from powerups, you can also strategize using spells that you can learn as you reach the higher levels.

Why could my game win an award?

Rescue Quest Gold adds something new to the genre that match-3 players would love. It's also the type of game that non-casual players would enjoy, because of the depth and tactics the path-based scrolling mechanic offers. Roaming enemies and various obstacles add another layer of challenge, and players would have to carefully plan out when and where to use their spells and power-ups. Even with this aspect of strategy, the game remains casual and fun, with its enchanting characters and whimsical soundtrack. Rescue Quest was one of our first self-published projects since 2013, and it was a studio-wide effort to get this game to where it is now today.