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Potion Punch

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2nd IMGA

Monstronauts Inc.
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    About Potion Punch

    Run and grow your own potion shop like a real boss in the most colorful time-management game ever!

    What makes my game unique?

    What makes Potion Punch stand out from other time management games is the integration of color in the game. It's not just about making sure you serve your customers in time, it's also about mixing and matching different colored potions too! Not only this, but we really did our best to add a lot of personality and quirk to the game!

    Why could my game win an award?

    Quite honestly, we don't really expect to win, but it would be great if we did! Nothing would make the team happier than knowing that the people enjoy Potion Punch enough to make it win the People's Choice award!