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Pets Race – Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends

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    About Pets Race – Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends

    Pets Race is inspired by Mario Kart while its animation by Disney. The theme of Pets race revolved around our love of pets. With this, there is a metagame where you can collect coins to customize your cute animals to build homes or treat your friends with yummy food. There’s an extra boost meter if they are happy.

    Cute animals and multiplayer racing games collide in Pets Race, the adorable multiplayer racing game where you race as cute animals! Battle online for first place and collect special loot in this fun online PVP racing game!

    Pick up special racing items and boosts to slow down the competition, leaving finish place just for you! Collect coins to customize cute animals and their homes or treat your pets with yummy foods!

    What makes my game unique?

    Pets Race is a fun multiplayer racing game with cute art style and dynamic animation. What makes it special is the camera for four players (so you can see how your opponents race) and that we created our own network for our players.

    It also has a built in Tamagotchi feature wherein you can take care of your pets by buying them food and items to make them happy.

    Multiplayer racing has never been cuter with Pets Race!