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Orbit Legends

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1st IMGA

MOREGEEK Entertainment, Inc.
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    About Orbit Legends

    Combining popular ARPG gameplay with strategic defense placement, Orbit Legends is a game that plays like no other.

    With hundreds of creatures, monsters, and other enchanted beings to collect and grow, Orbit Legend does not disappoint in terms of game content.

    PVE story-based quests and competitive PVP gameplay altogether adds up to a very satisfying experience.

    3 Different unit growth paths meant that who you team up with will lead to very personal outcomes.

    =====ARPG with User Generated Content=====
    Unique mix of the traditional and novel: Offensive isle raiding alongside strategic defense missions. All done with lavish visuals both 2D and 3D.

    =====Fantasy Isle Fortress: Your Homeland=====
    Create your own fortress from more than 100 elements, such as map tiles, creatures, and traps using powerful yet user-friendly in-game tools. Challenge other people's isle fortress to see who is the true legend.

    =====Be a Powerful Summoner: Attack Team Go!=====
    Pick from more than three hundred creatures to fight alongside you. Summon them physically in battle or unleash their skills to overcome enemies large and small.

    =====Varied Creature Growth Paths=====
    Three separate progression paths for your special collection of creatures: evolution, enhancement, and awakening. All meant to make the creatures evermore unique and personal to your gameplay experience.

    =====Customize Your Summoner=====
    Decorate and enhance your Summoner with more than 100 different clothing, equipment, gears, and weapons; each with their special buffs either offensive or defensive

    .=====Star Isle Competition=====
    Fight against players around the world, challenge one another to take on each uniquely made maps for ranking and rewards.

    =====Guild Wars=====
    Summoners join in large teams to collaborate and support one another in sweeping conflicts that takes the game to another level.

    What makes my game unique?

    Features: User-generated maps with customized defensive unit placement for all players to raid and complete. Lush 3D and 2D visuals that encapsulates the magical realm of the Orbit Legends. Polish that sizzle and pop; a gaming experience that's a pleasure to participate.

    Why could my game win an award?

    A very well-done game that has been tweaked, balanced, and crafted to an utmost level, Orbit Legends offers what few games are willing to provide: taking accessible yet deep gameplay traditions, mix in new twists, and then refine through playtests. It's a game that strives for near-perfection and does not disappoint.