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OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

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Excellence in Storytelling
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    About OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

    OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is a chill, stargazing experience that's handcrafted for people who enjoy story-driven games and arguing about Pluto. It tells a tale of purpose and pursuit through the lens of a deep space telescope that players operate throughout the game.



    ⦿ A story-driven experience that defies definition
    ⦿ Unique gameplay mechanic
    ⦿ A whole galaxy to explore and get lost in
    ⦿ Meticulously crafted art
    ⦿ A beautiful soundtrack to chill out to



    After eons of spreading across the cosmos, humanity has lost its way back. Help the childlike robot Emeth carry on his creator's will of locating Earth, and find our long lost home together, as he realizes a greater purpose inside his tiny mechanical heart.



    Through delightfully simple controls, players operate an evolving space telescope to find Earth by scanning nearby stars. Players will also be able to explore the stories of each crew member through secrets scattered throughout the spaceship.



    Enjoy a full soundtrack of original music from composer Triodust, woven deeply into every corner of the game. Prepare to lose yourself in the organically generated soundscape while wandering through the galaxy!



    What makes my game unique?

    OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is a space exploration game with an unique inspiration. Why are space games almost always about aliens or galactic empires, when they are perfect settings for exploring character and purpose? This is what drove us to make OPUS: The Day We Found Earth The story opens with the simple objective of finding Earth. Yet throughout the game, each character, bound by this common thread, will find their own purpose as they question the meaning of their journey. The gameplay was inspired by stargazing, using observational elements such as coordinates, filters, and sections to design the puzzles. As players search through the vast starscape, we intend to evoke the sense of awe and loneliness one might experience as they stare into a clear evening sky, and the joy of having a friendly companion when that feeling becomes too overwhelming. OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, is a tale of how one becomes whole, told through the passage of solitude towards companionship.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We set out to create something that evoked a sense of wonder and warmth, and the result was OPUS: The Day We Found Earth. Since launch, OPUS' unconventional storytelling and gameplay has received strong emotional feedback from players, and numerous awards and recognitions. We strives to tell heartfelt stories through experimental, yet approachable gameplay.