Winners & nominees 2nd IMGA SEA

OOPS! Orbital Online Postal Service

Nominated for the

2nd IMGA

Xihui Ng
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About OOPS! Orbital Online Postal Service

OOPS! is a game about delivering packages, in space!

- Manoeuvre and land your ships perfectly upright.
- Simple controls, easy to learn, difficult to master.
- Don’t break the chain! How many deliveries can you make without crashing?
- Leader board, challenge your friends.
- 3 player race, go online and show off what you can do.
- Get new ships!

Orbital Online Postal Service guarantees your online purchases reaching your doorsteps within minutes. Or we will fire our delivery guy/gal. Ship with us today!

Attention pilots: Do you like flying around in vast space? How about earning some extra money while doing that? Yes, now you can! Flexible working hours, great payout, you take charge! All you have to do is to deliver our packages to our customers, and look at those space credits rolling in. Get rich today. Download now!