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Number Rumble : Brain Battle

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2nd IMGA

Steve Lie
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    About Number Rumble : Brain Battle

    Play one of the best competitive Number games NOW!

    Join other global players in this growing online community and reach the top!

    Number Rumble is an online multiplayer game that combines reflex, hand eyes coordination, and your brain power to solve simple Number problems while competing with other players.

    You can increase your abilities to the peak while enjoying some stress releasing brain training fun.

    Duel others from around the world!
    Play in single mode tournaments!
    Or challenge your friends and find out who's smarter!

    Play, be social, have fun, and improve your Math IQ to see who is the best!

    features :

    *. Easy to play!
    *. Asynchronous online battle against real people from all over the world.
    *. Single player modes
    *. Cute emoticons to express your feelings
    *. Unlockable training modes
    *. Analyze your performance using the unique statistic system.
    *. Add friends, chat or challenge them in a friendly battle.