Winners & nominees 1st IMGA SEA

NOVA Strikers

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1st IMGA

Minh-Quan Ngo
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    About NOVA Strikers

    After some unexpected incidents, swarms of alien cyborg monsters are invading every realm of the galaxy.
    Under the threat, the Interstellar Federation is setting up NOVA Strikers fleets, gathering bravest pilots to counter attack the cyborg monsters.
    Strike to the heart of the cyborg swarm!

    - Simple control that can be played with one hand
    - Short game sessions, easy to be picked up and play anytime
    - Online League system and Global Ranking to compete with other players around the world.
    - Deep RPG-style upgrade system with lots and lots of upgrade choices
    - 50 levels of Ammo upgrades for each playable character, with 5 elemental options: Dark, Fire, Water, Electric, Neutral.
    - Many Flagship types with unique abilities
    - Upgradable flagship's Abilities
    - 50 assisting Drones with different characteristics. Try to summon and collect them all!
    - Drone fusing and combining function to upgrade Drones to level 20 and generate special Drone skills
    - Stylish graphic style with awesome effects
    - Runs well on old and low-end devices such as iPhone 4S and Galaxy S2

    What makes my game unique?

    - High production quality - Simple to pickup and play - Deep upgrade system and wide variety of things to collect and upgrade (Assisting Drones, Fighter Ships with different abilities, Power-Ups, etc.)