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Nonstop Show

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Wisageni Studio
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    About Nonstop Show

    Nonstop Show first released as Ngamen Nonstop in Indonesia. Today, the game is available worldwide in Indonesian and English.
    Based on Indonesia social background, the game brought up modern local content (ex. Dangdut music genre, Saman dance, etc) and received great rating and feedbacks from the audiences.

    Nonstop Show was nominated for Google Indonesia Game Contest 2017 and Casual Connect Asia Indie Prize 2017.
    Anyone started career as street musician to be the real super star Idol in Music World!
    Your dream and fun journey just started. Keep practicing, dress up, you can be a rich and famous top celebrity.

    Nonstop Show is an idle clicker game with cute 3d graphics. Taps your characters to start dance and entertain everyone!
    You can upgrade, change characters and locations and get a lot of fans watching you.
    Shake features for your phone or tablet enhanced your dance experiences. use your own favorite songs, wav or mp3.

    What makes my game unique?

    The game was developed by 3 peoples. The idea came from our real life experiences and some famous musicians background story. (ex. Justin Bieber, Iwan Fals, etc)
    We want to bring a social message about how people see the struggle from 0 to success in music industry.
    That success can be achieved through hardwork.

    We also want to introduce about our country culture through the game, by introducing traditional dance and real life musician.
    Arie Hamzah (former Endank Soekamti's drummer) endorsed and appeared in the game as a playable character.
    The game also use accelerometer feature to simulating tambourine music instrument.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Try the game, it has it own uniqueness, easy to play and fun!