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3rd IMGA

Izzal Amaani
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About Nightstream

Nightstream is a new take on the endless runner genre. With an original comic book style sci-fi story, Nightstream concerns a team of runners – resistance forces who are determined to fight against the evil forces of the Metronite corporation. Metronite wants to control the Nightstream, a mysterious data stream, for themselves.

Joining the fight against Nightstream is Zara, a young Malay woman. Part-time barista, full-time runner, Zara seeks revenge against Metronite after an industrial accident took her younger brother’s life. Zara may seem headstrong and serious at first, but fellow runners occasionally catch a glimpse of her softer, less serious side.

In the Nightstream, runners will grab their boards and hover, jump, and glide across stages, collecting orbs and powerups while avoiding bottomless pits and deadly drones. In Nightstream there are no lanes or rails. When the ground disappears from underneath you, take to the walls or ceiling – whatever it takes to dive deeper into the Nightstream.