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MoKai Adventure

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    About MoKai Adventure

    We are The Werold Team from Taiwan which is an in-house development and operation indie game team.
    A team with rich experience and new ideas, and we want to show everyone the heart-touching, interesting and innovative games we have created.
    We want to create the world that includes many monsters, just like people, who have different and interesting personality.
    People have their preference, so we hope players can find the one to love, and every monster has its fans.
    This is the game what we made and it’s called “MoKai Adventure”.

    MoKai Adventure is a deep and high freely monster raising game.

    There is a fantasy world full of monsters called "MoKai".
    Player will assume the role of the protagonist and use the "MoKaiPhone" to establish a close bond with the MoKai and lead the MoKai on an adventure to save the fantasy world.

    【Main Features】

    1. Lead your team to win by your strategy
    Develop your preset teams and choose the suitable team to the battle. You can also switch the place of the MoKai during the battle in real-time.

    2. Amazing skills
    Experience the amazing process of the battle in 3D. Release the Ultimate Ability and the Joint Skill manually to turn the tide of the battle.

    3. 150+ MoKai to collect
    Collect over 150 MoKai, and change attribute and personality of MoKai by the highly free raising system. Each of MoKai can be freely raised to increase the combat ability.

    4. Interesting and touching stories
    Experience the protagonists’ adventurous saga, as well as touching friendships with MoKai.

    What makes my game unique?

    High freely raising system: Players can freely increase attributes and change the behavior of MoKai. Each MoKai and Team are different from the others. Strategic Battle: Players need to use MoKai of restriction property to add damage when attacking and switch places of MoKai to boost additional abilities or remove the debuff in real-time. Decide the right time to release the Ultimate Ability and the Joint Skill to win the battle.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We try to create a game which is from the mainstream but have an indie spirit. It's not easy but we try hard to show players the game inside. To be one of the nominees is a great encouragement, we believe that we are on the right way with some opportunity. We still have room for improvement, but we'll leave no stone unturned and do what we can.