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Wei Ciao Jheng
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About Legiondary

Legiondary is a "Dark Fantasy" style mobile RPG which will be released on App Store and Google Play in 2016. > Game Story Unlike most RPGs which you play the role as a "justice hero" to beat the evil bosses, in this game, you have to lead the legion composed of Orcs, Goblins, Undeads, and many other terrifying creatures to reclaim the tribes of Orcs. > Gameplay Legiondary is a turn-based RPG which you don’t have to haste to make decisions. The formation of legions arranged before battle begins will greatly affect whether you can win the battle. Each position of the formation has its advantage and disadvantage to make tactical thinking more interesting. In the battle, you will get morales dropped from the opponents. To trigger a hero's skills, you must consume the corresponding morales. If you have sufficient morales, you can even trigger 3 skills at a time to produce a large number of damages to your opponents. > Features 1. 100+ keyframe based fully animated characters 2. 48 collectible tribal heroes and creatures. 3. 16 main chapters of game storyline. 4. Build the tribal facilities to reclaim the glory of Orc Tribe. 5. Various daily quests and achievements to accomplish. 6. Every hero owns 4 special skills to learn. 7. Train & promote heroes from junior leaders to great champions!