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    「HeroG序章:初心者英雄雞』,為台灣南部開發團隊Narwhal.GT第一個作品,於2016年3月26日在台灣Google Play上架販售。HeroG是一款結合養成、收集、反應的橫向捲軸冒險遊戲,遊戲中採用較為治癒柔和的美術風格、詼諧搞笑的劇本,來呈現一整個HeroG的冒險世界,再以無法放置Play的半自動反應操作為主打,玩家將扮演著天神,協助呆呆小雞通過不同挑戰、闖過許多冒險,讓呆毛雞成一隻真正英雄雞!

    What makes my game unique?

    Hero G ­ Prologue: The Newbie Hero Chicken is the first game developed by Narwhal.GT, a team based in southern Taiwan. The side scrolling game, commencing its sales on Google Play Taiwan on 26 Mar 2016, combines chicken nurturing, item collection, and adventure reaction, the world in which presented with cute, healing art features, as well as humorous plots. The player, as the god in the game's world, cannot leave the game to play itself with semi­automatic controls and must assist the dim witted chickens in overcoming numerous challenges and adventures, transforming the chickens into heroes! 『Level Intro』 Chickens, by their nature, just rush forward and hit whatever monster they come across without avoiding pit­falls. Call them naive if you will, but the player, as the chicken's god, must consume their own magic powers to help chickens avoid dangers, dodge boss attacks, collect ability boosts and unleash critical attacks! Time to guide those chickens in their quests! 『The Nurturing System』 The destiny that the god meets the dim­witted chicken is the destiny the god must accept, where enhancing the inner and external abilities, as well as placing the right partners in a team, are the keys to strengthening the chicken! All the partners of the Hero are hatched at the Incubation Center, where all the classes and abilities of the chickens are determined at birth. Even if different chickens are born to the same class, they may be bestowed with different abilities! As the abilities of professional warrior­class chickens are enhanced, equipment and gears also become more comprehensive. Some warrior classes can provide much assistance in battle in certain special stages. Time to challenge levels with different team layouts! 『The Gear/Equipment System』 With the ease to obtain items in levels, players can experience what it feels like to change gears at high frequency! Even if different gears look the same, they may have different attributes, and randomly added magic affixes are also a huge factor for making the gear desirable! Apart from appearances, attributes and affixes, different weapons also carry different abilities. Whether or not such abilities match the chicken also affects the in­level performance of the chicken character. Simply put, you, the god, decide the relationship between the Hero, and the gears! 「Figure 6: Gears and affixes」 『Possibilities for Future Cooperation with Hero G』 What sets Hero G apart from other game co­branding is that we focus more on how our partners' IP and characters are brought into the Hero G world. Therefore, for our partners we mindfully developed a plot in which characters can be brought into the world, where external characters won't stand out oddly from original counterparts. With the flexible world set­up in Hero G, we allow more possibilities for cooperation and new story lines. Take Sick­Game, our first co­branding partner, for example, we combined their bunny protagonist and the Alice in Wonderland story line and created the Hero Chicken in Wonderland plot. Transforming the bunny to a Hero G­like character (Fig 8), the bunny's personality traits and the Alice in Wonderland story line are integrated for the creation of a new plot. Cooperative game development is no longer a marketing tool, but also allows games to further refine the already refined game contents.