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Happy Swordplay: Party Game

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Happy Labs Pte Ltd
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    About Happy Swordplay: Party Game

    Happy Swordplay allows users to play swordfighting on Apple TV by swinging their Apple TV Remote. Users swipe with their thumbs to navigate through the UI and as the battle commences, swings their Apple TV Remote to attack their opponent. The user will win when they drive their opponent off the platform. Apart from swinging, users can also hold down the touch surface of the Apple TV Remote to block strikes from their opponent.

    Players can choose to playfight with the computer to level up their pro level. This way, they can unlock more weapons to use during battle. They can also engage in one-to-one fights with friends. Happy Swordplay is bound to give Apple TV owners an unforgettable day of fun together.

    Hold up your Remote and play Swordfighting!
    Click to parry attacks and swing to counter!
    Level up and unlock new bosses and quirky weapons!
    Cross swords with a friend in 2-player mode!


    Holding your remote: Hold your Apple TV Remote in both hands like a sword and swing to hit your opponent!

    Attack: Hit your opponent while their guard is down and don't get knocked back! Break their defense by swinging your sword parallel to their weapon.

    Guard: Press and hold your Touch surface to block your opponent's hits. Keep your sword perpendicular to your opponent's weapon.

    Winning criteria: Push your enemy off the platform to win.

    Progress: Improve your skill level by challenging swordplay champions! Unlock new quirky weapons!

    2-Player mode: Duel with your friend by downloading Happy Remote on your iPhone or iPod Touch (iOS v9+).

    2-Player Guide:

    What makes my game unique?

    Happy Swordplay is one of the few games on Apple TV that fully utilises the motion sensing capabilities of the Apple TV remote. If you have an Apple TV, then this game is a must-have!

    Why could my game win an award?

    Without a doubt, the Apple TV is here to stay and Happy Swordplay is one of the games that players cannot miss out on Apple TV!