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Hamster Escapade

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1st IMGA

Firdaus Hatta
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About Hamster Escapade

Hamster Escape is a tactical chasing dice game for ages 3 and up. It is an adventurous expedition to the ultimate cake-off party. This board game revolves around hamsters and their lifelong goals of attaining cakes to party and avoid getting snatched by the angry owl. In this game, there will be 4 different colours of hamsters starting from their burrows in the middle of the board which is their home. Each player will be assigned to different coloured groups of 4 hamsters. Players have to reach their goal by collecting as much cakes as they can. The player with the most cakes will be the winner at the end of the expedition. All these while with an angry owl trying to snatch the hamsters. This is a simple but fun game for little minds. Children will have an experiential learning. They will learn to take risk and make good decisions in changing situations.