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Gungun Online

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    About Gungun Online

    Gungun Online is a turn-base online mobile game for who love the turn-base artillery game. Gungun has unique mobiles, high quality graphic, and deep strategy level system that make the game different with the same kind of game on mobile phone.
    Moreover, transforming many famous Asian comic and Anime heroes and own their powers can make you be a dreaming hero.


    - Bring one of the best online Artillery PC game to mobile.
    - Interesting online 1vs1, 2 vs 2 mode. Enjoy competing with friends and other players
    - With more than 8 mobiles and unique skills. More mobiles will be added soon.
    - Can transform to 14 legendary Asian comic and Anime heroes.
    - Live Leaderboard and many value gifts for top players
    - No need to register to play and use Facebook, Google to protect your current progress.

    And if you tired with many kinds of bloody fighting or RPG games, Gungun Online will be a new and light taste but interesting enough for you to play in free time. Join with us now!

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