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Going Down AR

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3rd IMGA

Frannie Liang
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    About Going Down AR

    Hold the drill and move your body. Experience a sense of falling until the deepest end!

    “Going Down AR” is a casual AR game app, players become the adventurer, hold the mobile phone horizontal to pretend the electric drill in the game, break the floor and jump down floor by floor, move the body to avoid obstacles or dangerous and swing to a safe place during a falling. Experience the process of underground exploration and collecting treasures.
    6 DoF screen feedback and use body to be the controller will let the player feel falling in the game.

    1. Play anytime, exercise and relieve stress!
    2. Intuitive control, only need move your body!
    3. 8 different regions, 8 different landscapes!
    4. Unlock the regions step by step, different challenges are coming!
    5. Collect fragments to complete rare collection!

    1. You need the 2m square and flat ground without obstacles to play.
    2. Needs your permission to use Camera.
    3. Needs ARKit support.

    What makes my game unique?

    We believes that game can be formed by everything. Currently, we are using Augmented Reality(AR) technology to break out your imagine, making the game jump out the device. Not just only shown by AR, but let you immersive experience it. In this game, “Going Down AR”, we use ARKit to achieve our design. We hope to bring new game experience to the player in 3 to 4 minutes of the game, the player can experience the actual feeling of falling and quickly immersed in it. Therefore, designing and using the player's own body to control the movement in the game has become the core feature of this game. The game features an AR gaming experience, let users experience the "falling" reality and move body to pass through various obstacles, achieve the effect of exercise and relieve pressure. And the design core is also to break out the original frame, we think it crosses the boundary of AR and VR.