Winners & nominees 1st IMGA SEA

Ging Hero’s Legacy

Nominated for the

1st IMGA

Robertus Rahardian Harisman
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About Ging Hero’s Legacy

Follows the misadventures of Ging to stop the Darklord Dasmeth and his maleficent legions once again
resurrected. With help from the spirit of legendary heroes, Ging is able to transform himself
into 3 different forms (Swordsman, Thief, and Wizard). Experience classical style gameplay with a touch
of the modern genre!

- Procedural generation levels
- Perma-death system
- Transform into 3 different forms with unique abilities
- Upgradeable skills
- Consumable items (potions and spells)

What makes my game unique?

Its familiar gameplay will reach to a wider range of players. Action fantasy is a popular theme, so old school players will be presented with nostalgic gameplay, but newcomers will enjoy it too. With procedural generated levels, roguelike elements, and an interesting storyline, this game can be repetitive but the players will never get bored.

Why could my game win an award?

Adapting familiar gameplay from classic games, we put countless effort into Ging: Hero's Legacy to bring back the classic gaming era. The graphics, the story, and the game system is simple and easy to learn, like classic games were. We believe Ging's journey will satisfy players with awesomeness. Ging's journey is your journey, our journey.