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Gears of Steal

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2nd IMGA

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About Gears of Steal

'Gears of Steal' is a midcore puzzle strategy game with a unique control scheme and strong social component. As a player you can enjoy full movement control in all directions but watch out for dangerous machinery though, safety first! Shrewd flying watchdogs and balls of rusty daggers litter your path to victory and that shiny treasure your adversaries thought they had kept safe from your awesome skills of thievery – show them the error of their ways! You can fully customize your underground lair by setting up traps and powerful mean machines to protect your valuable energy cells. Scare off pesky intruders with your ever stronger arsenal of special weapon systems and upgraded traps. You’re the keeper of your very own dungeon, pimp it up, workout the ultimate defense – only the sky’s the limit!

Revenge is a dish best served cold: Find a match on the map and steal back what they stole from you and then some – ice cold! Unite in guilds to fight against others and climb up the ranks on the daily leaderboards. Get down with the real multiplayer action involving players from all across the globe and choose who in the world you’re gonna team up with for the battles to come.

Get into this ultimate competition to claim the title of 'Boss of Bots'.

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