Winners & nominees 3rd IMGA SEA

Frontgate Fighters Jump

Nominated for the

3rd IMGA

Niji Games - StellarNull
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    About Frontgate Fighters Jump

    Two fierce fighters are duking it out in a skillful duel, launching fiery projectiles and eye-opening Specials. While you're just a normal security officer, trapped between these fighters and just trying to survive!

    Featuring unique and original characters, theme, and of course music!
    Lots of unlockables and achievements too..

    ● Survive the from the intense fight!
    ● 4 different fighters each with unique special attack to unlock!
    ● Awesome pixel art graphic!
    ● Original musics!
    ● Discover and unlock different locations and Power-ups!
    ● Jump, double jump to survive!
    ● Leaderboard and Achievements!

    What makes my game unique?

    Frontgate Fighters Jump offer unique arcade gameplay, simple-fast paced yet hard to master. With awesome pixel art style graphic and musics! There are costume to unlock, power-ups and different fighters with different special moves to dodge.