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Follow Me(Escape Games)

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筑涵 李
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    About Follow Me(Escape Games)

    Designed and produced by Gex Studio and 4 Eyes Dragon Studio, the adventurous shooting game “Follow Me” describes a group of survivors in the doomsday are killing their way out to the next unoccupied shelter and getting resources and weapons on the way.

    ★Let the Light Guide You
    In the doomsday, this flashlight is the only way to shine the darkness. You can control the flashlight to check directions, and let your teammates kill the monsters under the light.
    Flashlight can also be used to find resources like batteries and ammunition, and a well-equipped team can destroy everything on their way!

    You can run at full-speed to reduce the resources consumption. However, if you ran out the sprint energy, the whole team must stop and rest until the sprint energy recovered.

    At critical moment, you can use the communicator to call for air rides exterminate the blood-thirsty monsters around you. The bomb is rare, therefore, use it wisely.

    ★No money! No resources!
    Where are the needs, where you can find businessmen. You can fill the resources and adjust weapons in the shelter. With limited money, make your priority to achieve your main goal: STAY ALIVE!

    ★Unpredictable Evolve
    As the adventure moves on, team members will level up. They can also get random status which may lead to different and unpredictable circumstances. In the doomsday, you just never know what’s waiting for you.