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Flippy Bottle Extreme!

2nd IMGA

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Guilty Pleasure
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    About Flippy Bottle Extreme!

    Wanna be the Master of Flip? Flip the Bottle to Extreme Victory! Go around the house and outdoors as you play the latest craze of Flipping those awesome bottles away!

    - 3D Flip Action
    - Most Extreme Flip Game Ever
    - Level Based and Endless Modes!
    - Collect all Bottles
    - Leaderboards

    Tons of new modes available!
    - Marker Flip Mode
    - Table Flip Mode
    - City Mode
    - Tower Mode
    - Challenge Mode

    You will never run out of modes so lets go Flipping!

    What makes my game unique?

    Its a game that reached Top 1 without featuring and marketing and just done in 2 days.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Flippy Bottle was designed to be popular, and it kind of became one, I think 'People’s Choice’ monicker fit well with a popular game.