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Fists of Light

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1st IMGA

陳 正倫
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    About Fists of Light

    Fists of Light is a Dungeon Adventure ARPG, find your way through in the vast labyrinth, defeat enemies to build your strength, breakthrough the levels, and help the sisters to complete their quest.Game Features:
    -Experience two entirely different gameplay mode : Short distance enemy-crusher Lufa, or long distance sniper Herl.
    -Use different types of Might to enhance character’s abilities, different choices can active various Epiphany Skills, discover along with the build you prefer.
    -Carefully examine every room, light the candlestick and destroy every Summoning Stones, but watch out for the enemies enraged by the candle lights!
    -Defeat the Initiator of Might and claim the powerful Seals to strengthen your build, perhaps there are new combination to be found!?
    -As the game goes on, enemies will become stronger constantly, choose the proper Creed to aid you.
    -After defeating all the Source of Might, prepare to face the Final Trial! Test your coping capacity against various situations.
    -Complete Normal Mode already? Challenge Mode awaits you with more challenges! Test your survival skills facing endless approaching monsters!
    -Only the build which cleared Normal Mode can access to Challenge Mode, can you master all of them?Hello every one. I am a independent developer from Taiwan. I developed this game on my own from art design to scripting. This is my first App and I hope everyone can enjoy it! If you have any problem please leave a comment on my facebook fan page.