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Fancy Cats

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Phong Thai
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    About Fancy Cats


    We are Genix Lab, a team of 7 people based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Fancy Cats is our 2nd title and is published by All 4 Games, a game publishing division of Channel 4 Television, United Kingdom.

    It is our 10+ months of hard work, with a small team of: 1 producer, 1 game designer, 2 artists, 1 programmer.

    The game has been featured on iTunes Home Page, section "New Games We Love", in over 50 countries including US, UK, etc.
    Update: the game was also featured on Google Play Home Page in over 90 countries.

    Players have been happily playing the game, retention figures have been higher than industry average.

    There have been hundreds of tweets everyday about the game:


    Fill your fancy garden with over 25 species of fabulous fancy cats, each with their own unique personalities!

    Name them, feed them, play with them and dress them up in an array of fancy costumes and accessories! Bat Cat? The Great Catsby? Purr-fessor Dumblepaw? The Notorious C.A.T? Fancy Cats has it all! See how many heroes you can transform your fancy cats into, with endless cosplay combinations and stylish feline outfits – and there’s many more to come!

    Teach your fancy cats amazing tricks with a whole selection of fancy cat toys; from clockwork mice to music boxes. Try each toy when you play and see how your fancy cat reacts!

    Unlock fancy cat toys, accessories and gifts by making a-meowzing match combinations on the game board. Create fancy new ensembles with plenty of cat-itude, and snap photos worthy of the global fancy cats cosplay album.

    Become a master of fancy cat dress up, fancy cat tricks and all-round fancy cat action in this trendy world of paw-someness! The ultimate cat cosplay adventure.


    1. HUGE SELECTION OF FANCY CATS: 25+ cat species to collect, each with their own personalities!

    From popular cats like Persian and Siamese to wild cats like Pallas and Sand cats.

    2. ENDLESS COSTUME COMBINATIONS: Loads of fancy outfits and cat-sessories for your fancy cats; including hats, jewellery, wings… even a bowl of ramen.

    See how many heroes your fancy cats can cosplay! New costumes and accessories will be added frequently.

    3. LOTS OF PLAYFUL TOYS: Including clockwork mice, music boxes, love potions, giant donuts, red hot chillies and more.

    See how many tricks you can teach your fancy cats!

    4. UNLOCK FREE FANCY GIFTS, ACCESSORIES & TOYS: Make a-meow-zing matches on the game board to release secret boxes of fancy prizes!

    How many new accessories and free gifts can you uncover?

    5. COLOURFUL GARDENS: Seasonally themed gardens are purr-fect places to show-off your stylish fancy cats.

    Does the snow make a better backdrop for your fancy photos?

    6. GLOBAL COSPLAY ALBUM: Share your fancy cat cosplay creations with millions of Fancy Cats fans from across the globe.

    Get inspired and see how your fancy cats weigh up against the competition!