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Falsus Chronicle 法爾斯編年史

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1st IMGA

HorngYeuan Digital Co., Ltd.
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    About Falsus Chronicle 法爾斯編年史

    1. Story

    A cursed king, a cruel game of sacrifices. “Death's Hide & Seek” destroyed numerous families in one night. To escape the chase from the Death, many children were hidden into the slum of the city. Thus, they became the “Forgotten Children”, who seem to be forgotten by the world. They all felt lost in their lives.
    Eno, a boy born in fears and despairs, is the only one who choose to stand against the destiny. He fights not only for the hope of reunion with his family, but also for the future of the kingdom.

    2. Why we develop this game

    There are a lot of mobile RPGs in the market, but most of them are either gacha-type games which focus on character collection, or just old game remakes. We'd like to make a classic RPG to make players recall those good times when they played a RPG for the first time. Our game concept is “Tactical”. To realize this concept in a game, we create a combat system with limited TPs (Tactic Points) for each action (e.g. normal attack or skill control) and implement a rogue-like mechanism to generate stages.

    3. What's in this game

    Falsus Chronicle is a rogue-like tactical RPG. Players have to use limited TPs to defeat enemies and even achieve specified route conditions for passing through stages on the map randomly generated.

    4. Features

    A. Classic RPG gameplay
    B. Rogue-like stages
    C. Tactical skill combination
    D. Calculated actions needed

    What makes my game unique?

    We keep focusing on the "Tactic" elements in this game, which include a rogue-like map generation mechanism and Tactic Point (TP)-centered battles. Each battle has it's specified condition that players can choose to accomplish it or not. Once a condition is accomplished, players will be lead to a "better" route. More better routes took, higher rank of the stage, and greater rewards after completing the stage.