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Dungeon Chef

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    About Dungeon Chef

    Do you like cooking? Do you like Fantasy RPG?
    Don't you wonder about how delicious is the Dragon's meat? Or could we make a eternal dish with Phoenix Wings?

    In Dungeon Chef you can do that! You can hunt various monsters in an RPG World and cook them into Dragon's Ribs Steak, Spicy Phoenix Wings, Gorgon Burger, Hydra Soup, and many many more.

    Hunt monsters > Make them into food > Get money from it > Use your money to Upgrade your weapon > and fight the legendary monster ever.

    What makes my game unique?

    Nowadays RPG games have a mini cooking mechanic on it, so why not make a full game for that?

    - In Dungeon Chef, you can hunt various of monsters, Miconid Mushroom, Cockatrice, Hydra, Gorgon, Phoenix and the strongest of it all, the Dragon !

    - One thumb to slay them all! We've designed the battle experience so it can be used only using one hand.

    - After hunting you can make 100+ unique recipes. All of available recipes are unique and have never seen before. Say it Gorgon Cheeseburger, Boarzilla Chicarron, Spicy Cockatrice Ramen, Dragon Steak, Phoenix Yakitori, and many more!

    - Serves the dishes to many roles in RPG game, an adventurer, brave warrior, archer, wizard, priest, witch even the King itself.

    - Collect your money from sales and use it to upgrade your weapon and changing your armor!

    Why could my game win an award?

    We make this game to players that loves food and RPG world, we know that they're exist and a lot. So now people can fulfill their dream to become a Chef in RPG world in Dungeon Chef!