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Dungeon Balls

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俊達 潘
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    About Dungeon Balls







    A brand new type of pinball game that requires puzzle solving and killing monsters!


    Three sisters with the magical abilities of controlling ice, fire, and plants have lost their home from an incident. In order to rebuild their home, they have decided to search and collect treasures from the dungeon full of danger. As they progressed in the dungeon, they met new companions, which led them into an incident that would effect the fate of the world...... The amazing and amusing adventures of the three sisters will be presented by using ""comics"" in the game. Giving players an easy and entertaining way to enjoy the sisters' exciting adventures!

    [How to Play & Special Features]

    Each stage is a room in the dungeon where the game proceeds with characters and heroes transforming into "pinballs" on the pinball platform. By launching the balls, players help these characters as they hit and bounce in the dungeon stages to defeat monsters, activate hidden switches, and break out of traps to solve the difficult puzzles in each stage. - Intuitive controls, simply touch the screen to launch the pinball!

    - Each stage is carefully designed with numerous traps and hidden switches!

    - There are 100 stages at launch, with more coming in future patches!

    - With the 3 star achievement system, players can feel proud about their achievements!

    - The more stars you have, the stronger your characters will be; try to achieve 3 stars in all stages!

    - Collect gold coins to rebuild your home! The more coins you have, the fancier your house will be!

    - "No" gashapon! Hero characters can be obtained as you proceed from stage to stage!