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    About Dragon Project

    From the shores of Japan to millions of players worldwide. Developed by COLOPL, Dragon Project is an action-packed MMORPG that whisks players off to the magical land of Heiland and sweeps them off their feet with its engaging lore, eye-catching graphics and dynamic yet simple gameplay. The game allows players to hunt monsters, battle humungous Behemoths, and even challenge other players, just at the flick and tap of one finger. Materials collected from the monsters can be used to forge weapons and armor, giving players the freedom in character customization with thousands of possible combinations.  Besides being able to wield cool weapons, cast stunning spells, and slay monsters, one other feature that attracts and keeps players engaged is its co-op battle, which allows players to take arms against powerful Behemoths together with friends. Or even better, make friends through helping each other out in battle!  And just like many Japanese fantasy RPGs, the storyline that interweaves the fates of all the characters (and the player!) is a complex journey with many mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Since its release in August 2017, goGame has localized over 1.4 million Japanese characters worth of game content, delivering the exciting stories of adventure, friendship, deceit and courage from the Japanese original to players in over 30 countries.  In addition to that, Dragon Project Global has risen to the demands of global players to produce original content, including snazzy exclusive equipment in collaboration with Razer, as well as brand new features never before seen in its Japanese counterpart. Worth a note is the global version’s structural shift from plain old co-op to a heated co-op competition among players, made possible with the introduction of the game’s very own Battle of the Greats event. Having achieved over 2.5 million downloads worldwide, and garnered over 50,000 5-star reviews, Dragon Project is but only hitting its 1st Anniversary milestone this 18 August. Even with the Pocket Gamer Choice Awards and Google Excellence Award under its belt, plus having achieved an App of The Day mention on the App Store, Dragon Project Global is not slowing its gears down. In fact, it’s revving up to unleash its most ferocious exclusive feature yet – the Behemoth Showdown!  You heard it here first!
    Hunter, welcome to Heiland! Dragons and monsters have taken over the kingdom and it’s your mission to battle them in this action MMORPG. Gather your allies to summon and battle mighty Behemoths together in real time with co-op multiplayer. Then forge powerful weapons and armor from their materials. Join us on this action-packed adventure to hunt all the dragons, master all the monsters—and collect all their equipment sets. It’s the most fun you can have with one finger! HUNT DRAGONS AND MONSTERS - Summon Behemoths, then defeat them to forge powerful equipment - New Behemoths for you to summon and battle every two weeks - Limited-time game events happening every day! - Action-packed and skill-led battles against dragons and monsters PLAY CO-OP MULTIPLAYER WITH FRIENDS. OR MAKE FRIENDS BY PLAYING - Defeat Behemoths with 3 other players in real-time co-op multiplayer battles - Get competitive with Grand Prix and Arena leaderboard events - Play privately with real-life friends by joining a Lounge (Level 15 onwards) - Meet other Hunters playing alongside you in this MMORPG adventure FORGE AND COLLECT EQUIPMENT SETS - Thousands of weapon, armor and Magi combinations to suit your playstyle - Five weapon classes to pick from: Sword & Shield, Spear, Great Sword, Bow, Dual Blades - Hundreds of Magi stones to gain magical skills and enhance your battle style - Six equipment slots in the Hunter’s Closet to personalize your play - Forge new equipment from Behemoths released in the summon pool every two weeks AND MANY MORE! - Easy and intuitive one-touch controls lets you play with a single finger - Battle in portrait or landscape mode—it’s your choice. - Stunning 3D graphics and effects - Supports 8 languages Download now to join us on this co-op multiplayer monster-slaying adventure! Developed by Colopl. Published by goGame --- Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

    What makes my game unique?

    Besides having fun customizing various stylish equipment, players can also mix and match their own titles on their profiles. You’ll be surprised by some of the hilarious possible combinations. Plus, we have a cute furry Behemoth called Furb Furb.

    Why could my game win an award?

    1. We spoil our players with choice, more so than most other games. Dragon Project has 2826 pieces of visually stunning weapons and armor to date. And a drawer full of accessories players can use to customize their avatars. That provides over a TRILLION of customization options. 2. Unlike many RPG that focus on player-versus-player, or player-versus-environment playstyles, the essence of Dragon Project lies in its real time co-op battle that allow up to four players to fight side by side as a team, providing a different play experience from solo questing. 3. Our in-house localization team is dedicated to bringing out the best of the original storylines, from the main quest stories to the sometimes-absurd event-exclusive cut stories. The original Japanese scripts are great, but we’re pretty sure ours is better, as we’ve slipped in quite a few punny Easter eggs in the English version that our players might have… or might not have realized.