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Demon Archive: The Adventure of Derek

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1st IMGA

Shirley Cheng
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About Demon Archive: The Adventure of Derek

"Demon Archive" is a hidden object game with storyline and adventures.

The story begins in the 18th century France, and the player will be the detective to investigate the mysterious death of Count Anthony.

Haunted by various eerie apparitions, the player do not merely has to solve multiples puzzles, but also experiences classic literary allusions based on Marlow's "Dr. Faustus" along with other familiar tales in the storyline. Those beautiful verses will serve as achievements of the player, and many elements in mini games and scenes will add to the fun experience of the game!

What makes my game unique?

We provide profound content in the union of story, art and music that needs your attentive investigation and observation. Demon Archive is a recurrance of Dr. Faustus and fantastic elements. Here we welcome you to read our game development story so it would bring you more idea about why our game is unique :) :

Why could my game win an award?

To make a game is definitely not an easy mission, not mention to a good game. To be nominateed in such great games from all over the world, we're happy but have a precaution on our mind since it's still a long road to go during game development. We simply hope to have such a honor to support the faith of making creative and fun game if we can win the grand prix this year. If you believe us and like our game, we will also try our best to give you feedback with our sincerely works, no matter how long it will be. :)