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Defend The Earth

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1st IMGA

Sơn Phạm Nguyễn Thanh
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    About Defend The Earth

    Defense the Earth is a free interesting flat design game.Tap to turn the satellites or super heroes around, tap and hold to accelerate it.Your earth is attacked by asteroids, luckily you can use the satellites or super heroes as a shield! The gameplay is set in the space where alien repair to attach your beloved Earth. How to save the world? By a simple tap, you can summon your super hero or launched your shield to protect the earth.
    Play and achieve as long as possible the time to defend the Earth and also compete with your friends.- Protect the earth from asteroid.
    - Defend the Earth from alien.
    - Collect cute super heroes and satellites.
    - Compete with your friends.Thank you sound from website the Earth guarantee to pull you out of busy life's stress with joyful and laughter.