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Combo Rush

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Toge Productions
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About Combo Rush

Stan! The talented Swordman. The result of training with Master Rodrick, now he became very strong. But his arrogant lead his teacher to cursed. The only way to save his teacher is to go into the forest deep. And collect 10 Relics that asked by the dark witch, Charon.
Will he succeed? Join Stan adventures in rescue mission. Help him strengthen his skills and feel the combo challenge at every level with pet assistance that you can collect during the adventure.
Combo Rush is Endless Fighting Game with full action, and Pet Collection. 100% FREE-to-Play!
Download Combo Rush Now!

✤ Endless Fight, Full Action, Skillfull Pet ready to help✤
✤ Make perfect attack and combo✤
✤ Defeat all monster and make them your companion pet✤
✤ Destroy all challenge ✤
✤ Complete the mission and save Master Rodrick! ✤

What are you waiting for?!
Playing Combo Rush now, because there are lot of exciting and challenging features.

Download, install and instantly play!

Keep Combo and attack the enemy with full force!

Pet with unique skills Heal, Bomb, and Time Stop!

Bring useful item on your journey!

Collect coin for you!

Compete with your friends to be the best!

Combo Rush is a fun game to play with friends or family.

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What makes my game unique?

This game is a bridge between game local developers (Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio, Amagine Interactive) with local game publisher (Megaxus). This game it self is developed by a collaboration between Toge Productions with other local indie game developer around Indonesia with Toge Productions as the project leader (total developer team: 3 people). Game industry ecosystem in Indonesia not as develop as other country, most of our local game publisher, publish a license game from outside Indonesia and sell it in Indonesia market. In the other side, most of local indie game developer in Indonesia still struggle to survive and try to reach global market which is more difficult and have alot competitor, while Indonesia actually have a big mobile games market in ASEAN. At first we make this game to simply to prove that local indie game developer can also collaborate and make a good game together, and local publisher can see the progress and the result. From beginning, we propose this game as the pilot project to bridge local indie game developer with local game publisher. While we aware that this game still far from perfect (and we still develop it), but the result is that the local publisher see our effort and progress and they begin to trust local indie game developer. After this project run for few month, the local game publisher begin to approach other local indie developer and start to make a deal. Yeay! It would be great if this unfinished game (which we still develop it) can also prove its value and win any awards beside just being a bridge for Indonesia game industry ecosystem.

Why could my game win an award?

In this game, we try to combine between popular skill based game in Indonesia : Audition Megaxus, with monster collection game: Pokemon. We have a unique battle system. We said unique, we mean we don't find a game as same as this game. While most of the market develop a proven gameplay mechanic to be success. We try to stick with our uniqueness. We also try to make the game more attractive with unique art style and also music (still in development). We aware if there are lots of more perfect mobile game than our, but we try our best with this game. As a bridge to develop local game ecosystem and also prove that we can achieve more with a collaboration! Together we strong and can do much more!