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Dodick Zulaimi Sudirman (Gambreng Games)
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Gambreng Games is an indie game developer from Indonesia. It was built on 24 June 2013 by seven people. Gambreng is a way for kids to start a game, it is similiar with jankenpon in Japan or paper-rock-scissors in United States of America. Gambreng is chosen to be the name of the studio as a call for all players, where ever they are, to play and found great experience in every game that Gambreng Games develop. Every player will venture to a different world for each game made by Gambreng Games.

COL.OUR is a collaborative game played with your friend. You and your friend are the only colourful hero of the city. The monster is attacking and you and your friend can save it. The game is played for 2-4 players but you can play 1 player as practice.

You need to be connected to the same WiFi network in order to play with your friend. Once connected, press the hold to play button together and fight the monsters

You only need to press the correct button or do the action that is shown in the middle of your screen. If you don't have the button/action oon your screen then your friend must have the button on their screen, tell them to press it before the countdown is finished and let the robot unleashed its great attack.

Try out the alpha version of our game at

What makes my game unique?

We focus on game collaboration with multiple device. We believe that games played cooperatively can be a solution of togetherness. We developed a game where everyone can share their laughter. It is also believed that playing game not only together but cooperatively can model higher level skills, such as goal setting, strategy use, and monitoring. We also combine our game with movement and gesture, so the action performed will not just a simple button press but also a hilarious hand movement.

Why could my game win an award?

Because our game focuses is unique. While other focus on creating a competitive environment within a game, we believe that cooperative game will not only be fun but also has a positive effect on its player.