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Caravan War

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3rd IMGA

Huy Nguyen Tuan
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    About Caravan War

    Caravan War is themed around the challenge that the merchants faced in the times of the historical Silk Road trading route. Players will build up their commercial empire by transporting goods and gold by caravans and tackling the frequent ambushes that merchants do. A variety of units and towers will be available to choose from and used during the game’s campaigns and ambushes, there will also be attacks from other players.

    This blend of strategy and tower defence will feature:

    Players can assemble their army and set up their caravan using a variety of towers and troops.
    Units and troops have distinct skills and abilities that can influence play.
    Build up and expand your commercial empire for resources and technology.
    Raise a powerful army and ambush other player’s caravans.
    Both PvE and PvP modes each with their own challenges.