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Bumbu Cinta : Love Spice

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    About Bumbu Cinta : Love Spice

    What type of guy suits your personality? Calm, joyful or somebody to keep up with the jones? Choose your love and fight his heart to get him in your shoulder!

    Choose your story path in visual novel game Love Spice! 6 multiple endings and Ramadhan special story with 7 endings are ready for you. Collect more than 25 beautifully illustrated CGs and experience classic visual novel with animated characters that will melt your heart.

    What makes my game unique?

    - It's a visual novel with top notch graphics and designed for mobile.

    - Each character has specific animation based on its personality. So you can feel them alive!

    - On Love Spice, your choices really matter. Your choices will determine which guy suits you and whether you'll end up with a happy ending or not!

    - While playing, you can collect beautifully illustrated CGs and even use them for your phone wallpaper.

    Why could my game win an award?

    It's a lovely game downloaded by more than 10.000 players. With it's breathtaking graphics and stories, we make sure that this game will deliver classic visual novel experiences to the next level.