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Behind the Screen

3rd IMGA

Winner of
Excellence in Visual Art and Design
18Light Game Ltd.
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    About Behind the Screen

    Development group: 18 Light is an independent game company founded in Taiwan. Since the team builded, we've received more than 25 awards both from Taiwan and overseas, including Gold Price of Best Creativity from Unity Award of China. We focus on creating games that combined with social issues, which could make players think and discuss with each other while having fun. And every game we made is about an adventure. The main purpose of 18Light is to give the players extraodinary journeys in a coffee time and cost. Our team is now well-known by a highly praised game "Behind the Screen". In the future, we hope we can change the world through our games.
    “Behind the Screen” is a game includes various elements such as puzzles, stealth modes and fighting that you can easily handle. Most stories are inspired by actual historical events of Taiwan. If you dig deep into our stories, you will find that it’s not just an “easy game”. Although players can finish the game in about one to two hours, the real thinking challenge will still goes on after you solve it. About the Game: In “Behind the Screen”, players will explore deeply into the memories of a suspected murderer’s life, in order to dig out the real truth. The whole storyline is set in 1970s when Taiwan just got rid of Martial Law Period, and Internet hasn’t widely known nor used. Through this game, you can experience how media destroys a person under the help of audiences, which echoes with the meaning of it’s Chinese name: “Screen Judges”. Without witnessing the truth, everyone could be a judge hide behind the screen, unfairly judging others’ crime by one-sided words. Art style: We used a surrealistic picture book art style inspired from old Taiwanese hand-drawn color advertisements and posters. During those times, painter blended reality and imagination to create a realistic style that mimics photos yet is different from traditional oil painting, thus making a picture book style art with great allurement. This delicate and vintage style will bring you strong feelings about Taiwan’s old period, which is absolutely worth experiencing.
    Game features: *Spending over one year of developing, there are many hidden metaphors and chapters in this game for players to discover. *This game reflects our world. Player will continuously experiencing events related to issues like media abusing, stereotype, etc. *Using lots of Taiwanese style elements in the game, which provides you a great chance to glance Taiwanese culture.

    What makes my game unique?

    "Behind the Screen" is one of the great indie games which could mark you and make you think about your life. There are lots of social issues hidden in the story, such as social media bullying, stereotype and domestic violence. Although players can finish the game experience in 2-3 hours, they might think about those issues more longer after it. We set the game's storyline after Taiwan's Martial Law Period, and used an delicate but vintage art style including some Taiwanese cultural elements. Therefore, "Behind the Screen" is not only a playful and thoughtful game, but also gives players a glimpse of Taiwanese culture.

    Why could my game win an award?

    "Behind the Screen" had already got public affirmation since 18Light Game Ltd. published in this April. It soon earned more than 200,000,000 pageviews on iOS App Store, and even had been on 1st place of App Store paid-apps ranking. In addition, more than 200 YouTubers and gaming steamers played it, with up to 11,000 audiences watching at the same time. These achievement can definitely prove that "Behind the Screen" is a outstanding indie game, which is worth the Grand Prix prize.