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Bear Planet

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3rd IMGA

Grace Weng
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    About Bear Planet

    Bear Planet is a fast-paced arcade game-play with fantastic visuals, music, and storyline. The story is about a bear, Bob. Bob is on an important mission to travel through space, searching for a new energy source to save his dying planet.

    At the start of the mission, Bob experiences his first setback when he gets cut off from mission control. His only option for conversation was a robot rabbit that only had a preset database of default responses to specific questions. Just as Bob was about to experiences the insanity that followed a period of prolonged loneliness, he stumbles upon a chip that gave the robot rabbit human characteristics. Bob names her Usagi (after the name printed on the chip) and they soon became the best of friends. However, the good times didn’t last long as Usagi’s robotic core broke down right before Bob reaches the promised land. Determined not to be forced back into a period of loneliness, Bob does not give up hope and resolves to resurrect his companion and ultimately succeeds. Instead of the Frozen Core that had expected to find, they instead encounter the Ancient Bears who informed them about the accident that separated them from their tribe many years back. The Ancient Bears provided Bob with ancient technology that created renewable energy so that the core on their home planet can be self-sustaining and Bob returns home to save the day.

    The objective of the game is for the players to land on each planet visited within the 40-day mission and assist Bob in extracting energy from its core to power his ship to its next destination. Avoiding obstacles on the different terrain on each planet requires skillful maneuvering and quick reactions with the ending of the game determined by whether or not the Usagi chip is found along the way.