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BattleSky Brigade: Tribes

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3rd IMGA

shawn toh
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About BattleSky Brigade: Tribes

We're an expanded take on the strategy multiplayer genre, with MMO-style guild dynamics in a mobile strategy game.

In other base-building games, your base is yours alone, but in BattleSky Brigade: Tribes, your floating island is joined to those of your guildmates, forming a maze of battlefields and gates to fight through even as you raid their combined bases.

There's also a trading system involving 5 different magical melon trees, each with different attributes and specialties, each unlocking different styles of troops and buildings! However, each player has access only to a limited number (3 max!), trading with your guild or raiding other guilds if you want to build up and gear the best BattleSky Brigade!

Last but certainly not least, come explore the rich world we've built, where cute salvager bunnies assemble clunky barrelbots alongside and against other odd critters like psychic birds and goldfish in fishbowl mecha.

You'll need (and find) stalwart allies in your adventures in BattleSky Brigade!